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The Super Earthing Kit is an innovative product providing hassle free, reliable and economical grounding system. Based on solid rod technology, the super Earthing Kit is made out from a solid stainless steel rod, hence providing better conductivity and allowing for smooth flow of current. The terminal is also made up SS with pre-welded bus bar joined exothermically, offering 100% contact surface area which eradicates all possibilities of leakage and enhances smooth flow of current. Super Earthing Kit consisits of a RoHS complaint, eco-friendly and non-corrosive compound which retains soil moisture and results in providing longer life to the earthing system. It is avalible in 10mm dia, 4 feet length and can be customized as per the requirements.

Fault current carrying capacity is up to 5 KA in garden soil.
Installation can be multiplied for higher fault currents.
Better resistance to corrosion.
An ideal solution with compact packaging and ready to use earthing system.
Fit & forget solution offering product life of a minimum of 30 years.
Cost effective earthing kit providing hassle free installation.
Highly reliable system with wide applications.


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