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Our PEX-220 product has been launched after a number of research and development efforts over a period of 1 year. Dual ion cell provides very strong protection. The product provides effective protection both from the individual cells and by the joint operation. 1. Cell (bottom part): Works with electrostatic ion generator. It takes the free flow in the atmosphere. This provides a large ionization by raising the current. The PDA functions with the ESE principle. It catches the lightning discharge at the stage of formation. It also captures the main discharge effectively. 2. Cell (upper part): The ionization produced by the lower part moves upwards. At this stage, the upper part of this ionization by taking the "cascade" principle further increases. Works with PDC ESE principle. The upper part is completely mechanical. Ionization with cascade functions just like the 1st cell. Both parts can be tested separately. We recommend the use of a 3 "adapter during installation. The product is especially designed for use in open spaces and high-rise buildings. It is resistant to high-speed winds in storms that may occur.


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