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Lightning Rod Tester
A Lightning Rod Tester (LRT) involves all lightning conductors and earth grounding installations being visually inspected and tested by a qualified Electrical Engineer.
Every individual earth establishing a point and its conductors are electronically tried for protection from the ground.
An LRT also includes:-
Performing arbitrary congruity tests, particularly the integrity of those pieces of the Lightning Protection System which were not noticeable for investigation during the underlying establishment and are not thusly accessible for visual inspection.
The protection from the earth of every neighborhood earth anode and, where reasonable, the protection from the earth of the total earth end framework. Every nearby earth anode ought to be estimated in confinement with the test point between the down conductor and earth terminal in the disengagement position. If the resistance to earth of the earth termination system as a whole exceeds 10 ohms, additional electrodes should be installed, where practicable, to obtain the required resistance value. In the event that there is a critical increment in the estimation of the earth’s obstruction from recently estimated qualities, extra examinations ought to be made to decide the explanation behind the expansion and measures taken to improve the situation.
The consequences of a visual check of everything being equal, bonds, and joints or their deliberate electrical coherence.

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