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To test the counting function of the lightning event counter/lightning strike counter, a battery-operated impulse current emitting lightning counter tester is designed and developed by remedies systems. This will guarantee the clients that the counters are in working condition. At the point when the press button is squeezed, drive current goes inside the counter and the checking gets expanded in this way affirming the best possible working of the counter.


Operation of the lightning  counter tester

At the point when downpour mists structure at the highest point of the structure where the lightning pole is framed, the negative charges on the lower side of these shaped mists push the negative charges in the lightning bar and send them to the ground with copper wire. Subsequently, there is a single plus load at the end of the lightning rod. The in addition to loads staying at the tip of the lightning pole additionally regurgitate upward and kill the negative loads in the downpour mists. It keeps the lightning from falling by making it ineffective.
In all the lightning arresters a Metal oxide varistor is used, the MOV is a semiconductor that is sensitive to voltage. At normal voltage, MOV disk is an insulator and will not conduct current, but in higher voltages which would be created by lightning or any surges it will become a conductor
The MOV disk will be placed in porcelain enclosure to provide physical support and heat removal and it will be sealed for isolation from contaminating in the electrical environment
While an electrical system is hit by a surge of electricity, it would seek to equalize and dissipate as quickly as possible and it will take the path of least resistance, and thus by using a resistor the electrical surge can be diverted from equipment insulation and then it will be channeled to the ground through grounding rods, so to do this the electric components uses a metal oxide protect circuits.

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