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Earthing Strips are a conventional method for providing earthing to the various areas like industrial, residential, commercial, etc. Our stripes are usually used for providing a stable platform for operation of sensitive equipment. Our professionals use galvanized iron for manufacturing these strips. These are known for their lowest resistance value owing to which it can easily pass out the current to the earth. Apart from this, GI Earthing Strips are installed underground for the protection to the machinery, transformers and domestic appliances.

GI EARTHING STRIPS is a current carrying conductor used specifically for the security of the system and is commonly known as a ground system, while grounding of non-current-carrying metal work and conductor is essential to the safety of the people. Gel Earthing strips must be addressed near-earth impedance and low resistance. A spectral analysis of the typical flashes of the pulse shows both high and low frequencies. The high frequency is connected with an extremely fast.
Remedies Systems are the prominent supplier and exporter of  Gel Earthing strips. These high performance products are popular among our clients for their outstanding features. It is their sturdy construction, easy installation, low maintenance and better efficiency that make them appreciated among our customers. In compliance with the industry standards these products are easily available at pocket friendly rates. Gel Earthing strips, Chemical Earthing Electrode.


Applications for Gel Earthing strips :-

1.Tele communication Towers & Microwave antennas
2.Transmission & Distribution System
3.Bank, ATM, Hospitals, Railway, Airport, and Defense Installations
4.Substations & Power Generators
5.Lightening Arrestor Earthing
6.Computer & Data Processing Centers
7.Transformer Neutral Earthing
8.Manufacturing Facilities & Refineries
9.Heavy Industries
10.Food Processing & Water Treatment Plants
11.Oil Refineries & Pump Stations
12.Data centers, telecom, and broadcasters Process control
13.Remote & Central Office Digital Switches
14.Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities

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