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Earth rod clamp

Earth rod clamp


Remedies systems distribute the complete range of Earth rod Clamps that are spring or screw down type earth connectors for jointing earth rod clamp to earth tape, earth rod to cable, tape to tape and Clamps for earthing and lightning protection systems. An Wallis earth rod clamp ranges include a complete selection to allow the clamping and connecting of earth rods clamp, cables, tapes and systems.


Earth rod clamp




 ‘G’ type earth clamps are used for joining earth rods to different sizes of the stranded copper conductor – clamps are highly resistant to corrosion and mechanically strong offering a long life span. Typically, copper earth rod clamp is used as HV electrodes for standard earthing arrangements on ground-mounted LV MV HV substations – the earth tape functions as a perimeter electrode set up to the outer edges of the foundation in direct contact with the soil and connected to the switchgear earth bars. Remedies earthing system will provide protection to exposed and normally un-energised conductive metalwork within the poste perimeter fence including panels, kiosks, lighting towers and oil tanks. Within substation buildings, metal trench covers are indirekt earthed typically using bare copper earth tape (25mm x 3mm) installed along one edge of the trench top edge. Where copper rod clamp within the site is to be buried under proposed cable routes care should be taken to ensure it is buried deep enough into the ground or protected in cable a pipe to avoid damage during cable installation.






‘A’ type of earth clamps are used for joining earth rods to different sizes of copper tape – clamps are highly resistant to corrosion and mechanically strong offering a long life span. Remedies system is the stock and distributes the most extensive range of Copper Earth Tapes – this includes bare copper and covered tapes in a selection of coloured overheating used to provide earthing protection and connect metalwork, switchgear and transformers within LV, MV & HV poste buildings and outdoor compounds. With the highlights like high rigidity, heartiness and prevalent quality these are exceptionally requested in different establishing applications and electrical associations purposes.




Gunmetal rebar clamps with copper “U” bolts are used to connect re-bar to re-bar or re-bar to stranded cable providing a strong mechanical connection along with excellent resistance to corrosion. The accompanying table empowers the determination of the right rebar brace for 10-40mm breadth applications – should you require any further help with the choice of the right sort of earth cinch for jointing bar to tape, pole to link or tape to tape please get in touch with us. 



COPPER EARTH CABLE CLAMPS are made from Gunmetal plates with copper 'U' jolt. These Copper Alloy Clamps are profoundly strong with great execution when contrasted with others.


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