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We are occupied with offering a wide scope of ESE Lightning Conductor to our customers. These items are predominantly used to give data no of lightning strikes which our lightning security framework has securely released. The items that we offer to our customers are made utilizing high-grade crude material remembering the necessities and prerequisites of our customers. These items are made utilizing prevalent quality crude material according to the set worldwide norms. The items that we offer in this classification are Lightning Conductor, ESE Lightning Assurance Framework and Lightning Counter. These items are in colossal interest over the globe and are generally valued.

Our lightning security framework is appropriate for a wide range of climatic conditions and high heights moreover. Structured and produced as per the NFC 17-102 standard.

Lightning conductors give total security from a direct lightning strike to structure inside the sweep of 39m to 150m. Tried for 115KA short out impulse current from HV test lab, CE checked, temperature trial of - 40 to 120-degree Centrigrade, progressed triggering time test up to 96 microseconds, sequential numbered and conveys 30 years free substitution guarantee from a wide range of assembling deserts.

SDLC-6 Lightning Strike Counter Computerized 6 digits IP65Product Manual1. IntroductionSDLC-6 water-verification lightning counter is an all-inclusive sort lightning counter. At the point when the lightning assurance circuit framework is typical, there is no lightning current in the release line, the lightning counter does not tally. At the point when the lightning flow is released to the ground, the lightning counter can prompt it and tallies correctly.SDLC-6 water-evidence lightning strike counter is appropriate for all SPD, lightning pole, and so on. It can actuate the release current and tally, and afterward, show the number of lightning strikes on the screen. This Lightning Counter can tally precisely. In the event that power disappointment, the operational information won't lose. It takes the benefits of residue verification and water-evidence, and so forth.

2. Specialized Parameter Type Waterproof Lightning Strike Counter Least Checking Current(8/20μs) ≥500ACount Number 0-999999 times Down Conductor Most extreme Width D≤25mmMeasure L*W*H 100×68×70mmWorking Mugginess ≤95%Operating Temperature - 40~+850C

3. Establishment Guidance

     1)  SDLC-6 waterproof lightning counter can be introduced at the ground wire of intensity SPD or the down channel exposed piece of the lightning pole. The establishment chart is:

      2)  Extricate the two screw nuts in the back of lightning counter, spring washer and level gasket, evacuate the clip, to put the ground wire of intensity SPD as well as the down channel exposed state some portion of lightning pole between the two screw nuts, and after that put the squeezing plate, level gasket, spring washer, screw nuts, fix the two screw nuts.

      3)  Focus on the ground wire of intensity SPD or the down channel of the lightning pole, Establishment and wiring graph (exposed state some portion of the lightning bar and the mounting plate, pressing plate. The contact fragment must be all around associated with abominable the contact opposition, to ensure the tallying precision).

     4)  MaintenanceSDLC-6 waterproof lightning counter needn't bother with uncommon support. Every year, to check the ground wire of intensity SPD or the down transmitter exposed state some portion of the lightning pole, to see whether the contact fragment is all around associated or not.


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