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Remedies System are specialists in Lightning arrester, ESE lightning arrester, lightning protection. We are a leading manufacturer with a wide range of Lightning arrester, ESE lightning arrester, lightning protection for our clients. These products are manufactured using good quality raw material which is sourced from the most reliable vendors of the market. The products offered by remedies systems are in strict accordance with the international norms. We provide Lightning arrester, ESE lightning arrester, lightning protection at the most affordable rates to our clients. The products that we offer to our clients are made under the instructions by our experts who ensure that we deliver only good quality products to our clients. A lightning arrester is in huge demand across the globe and is widely appreciated for its efficiency, high conductivity, and low maintenance.


Lightning Arrester


Lightning Arrester


A lightning arrester is protective devices to protect the equipment from lightning surge voltages due to lightning strikes while using it there won’t be any disruption of service because it will protect the equipment. It is also known as surge arrestors.

It is a device that is used in electrical power systems to protect the insulation on the system from the damaging effect of lightning, in earlier day metal oxide varistors are used for power system protection. a lightning arrester has a high voltage terminal and ground terminal


Lightning Arrester feature


What exactly does a Lightning arrester do?


1. It does not absorb the lightning

2. It won’t stop the lightning

3. It diverts the lightning to the ground

4. Arresters limit the voltage produced by the lightning

5. Lightning arresters equipment will be electrically in parallel with it


Lightning arrester work


Working of a Lightning arrester


In all the lightning arresters a Metal oxide varistor is used, the MOV is a semiconductor that is sensitive to voltage. At normal voltage, MOV disk is an insulator and will not conduct current, but in higher voltages which would be created by lightning or any surges it will become a conductor

The MOV disk will be placed in porcelain enclosure to provide physical support and heat removal and it will be sealed for isolation from contaminating in the electrical environment


While an electrical system is hit by a surge of electricity, it would seek to equalize and dissipate as quickly as possible and it will take the path of least resistance, and thus by using a resistor the electrical surge can be diverted from equipment insulation and then it will be channeled to the ground through grounding rods, so to do this the electric components uses a metal oxide protect circuits.


Types of lightning arrestors


Types of lightning arrestors


Station class


It is mostly used in an electrical power station or substations and other high voltage structures, this arrestor will protect against all types of overvoltages and lightning when the electrical devices have more current in the system lightning arrestors are designed that can be handled. It is used to protect the equipment which is above 20mVA range.


Intermediate class


It will also protect the equipment from electrical surges caused by the lightning and overvoltages it is designed to use in medium voltage equipment areas. The intermediate class is designed to use in the equipment which ranges from 1-22mVA


Distribution class


It is commonly used in transformers both dry type and liquid-filled. It is used in equipment that is rated at 1000KVA or less, it is used in exposed lines that have a direct connection to the rotating machines.

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