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Chemical Earthing is the use of bentonite-based or graphite-based compound along with the earthing electrode (a pipe or a rod) that helps in improving soil condition and reducing the soil resistivity. Remedies Earthing System is the largest Manufacturer and supplier of Chemical Earthing. If you are looking for the best chemical earthing solution for your application then you landed in the right place.

Chemical Earthing is one of the important aspects of the Electrical line. If you are using expensive and delicate equipment then Chemical   Earthing is a must in order to avoid shocked or any major hazard. Chemical Earthing has its own importance in the electrical segment.

When it comes to spending money on the electrical arrangement. We generally avoid spending on Earthing and Lightning protection. In that case, you might compromise on quality. Chemical Earthing system is also very important and using good quality product is very important. Remedies Earthing System always meets the customer requirement and at the same time, we also maintain the quality.


1. LT and HT applications – Residental / Industries

2.Telecommunication, Transmission and Distribution systems

3.Lightning protection systems

4.Safety for accidents caused by static charge and stray currents

5.Substation and Power generated stations

6.Equipment earthing / Electrical machines

7.Ground fault neutralization

8.Lightning arrester, Diesel generators, etc.


1.Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities

2.Data centres, telecom, and broadcasters

3.Process control and automation

4.Corrections, hospitals, and 911 centres

5.Government, military, and defence installations

6.T & D operations, substations, and wind turbines

Maintenance-free Copper bonded chemical Earthing

Maintenance-free Copper bonded chemical Earthing :

As per IS 3043, IEC 60364-5-54, IEC 62561-2 your earthing system is tested to make sure for the better performance: Our earth rods are UL listed: We can likewise give the electrical Resistivity test authentication, Salt Mist Test testament, Tensile Test declaration, Bend Test Certificate, Adhesion test endorsement, Copper covering test declaration, Dimensional Check endorsement, Short Circuit Test endorsement, Corrosion test declaration, Sulfur assurance test endorsement since Sulfur isn't eco-accommodating, Sulfur assurance test authentication since Sulfur isn't eco-accommodating, Toxicity attributes filtering strategy (TCLP) test authentication and Short Circuit Test testament accessible which can ensure that you are utilizing great quality item.

Chemical Earthing Installation- A effective solution for residential, commercial and industrial as per the standard:-

Chemical Earthing Installation


Earth-pit Cover for earthing: We have a solution to every problem that can be related to the earthing system. Because of less zone or not reasonable for RCC work, and now and then testing to make the earthing chamber. Due to the appearance of the room or not a suitable situation for the Earthing Chamber, Earth Pit Cover assumes a significant job to fix these issues. Earth pit spread is dependable and simple to introduce.We have high-quality earth pit cover with a load capacity of 3 to 8 tons. We supply and install earth pit cover.

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