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Power surges

Complete Surge Protection for your Valuable Assets

Power surges are one of the most common dangers to your valuable assets, home, or work spaces. Although they are virtually unavoidable, appropriate surge protection can mitigate their impact. With exponentially increasing amounts of data captured, monitored and relied upon by businesses across all industries, these electrical surges and spikes can have a major impact […]

The Importance of Surge Protection

How Surge Protectors Work “When a sudden increase in voltage occurs, such as from a lightning strike or damage to a power line, a surge protector detects the excess current and safely diverts it through the house’s grounding path.” A simple statement and it sounds great, but what does it mean? How does a surge […]


Earthing is an integral part of all electric installations whether it is generating station, a transmission/distribution system or an industrial/commercial or domestic user. A properly designed grounding system ensures correct operation of protective devices on occurrence of earth faults or lightning strikes, safety of equipment and personnel and prevents build –up of electrostatic charges or […]